Ergo Grip

Ergo Grip™ is an ergonomic crutch grip specifically designed to fit the natural position of hand to provide superior comfort and support for crutch users.

Our ergonomic grip innovation leads the way in the crutch categories with many new features that turn a standard underarm crutch to an ergonomic crutch, which is significantly more comfortable and easier to use.

A standard crutch grip can strain major joints in the body including the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and fingers, ultimately leading to further issues such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other painful crutch side effects.

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  1. Yanara.k
    Yanara.k says:

    I put the Ergo Grips on my existing standard crutches and they suddenly felt like ergonomic crutches.
    The pain and pressure on my wrist alleviated immediately. I like the way it has a thumb rest and stabilizer brackets so I can maintain my balance while distributing my weight on the grips much better.
    I had looked at many ergonomic crutches, some were fancy and expensive and some look wired and hard to keep balance on. you can just replace your existing cheap/standard crutch grip to an Ergo Grip without changing your cruthces, and get a pair of whole new ergonomic crutches that takes your weight pressure off your wrist joint and arteries; preventing hand/wrist pain complications that may add to your main injury in which you are using crutches for in the first place! All things considered, I think Ergo Grip is the most efficient way to make crutches comfortable and stop the wrist pain that happens when using crutches.

  2. Kirk
    Kirk says:

    Today is Dame Jean Macnamara’s 121st Birthday. A doctor and health advocate who fought Polio disease ( Loss of muscle reflexes that leads to loss of ability to walk) back in
    world war 1.
    Although there have been many improvements in different areas in medicine, there has not been much progress in medical devices that provide quality mobility to patients who
    are seeking ways to get around and walk independently. For example, the design of crutches that were used by Dr. Macnamara and others to help patients mobility back in WW1
    (World War 1) is still being used today as a standard crutch!!! Thus patients in need of crutches for mobility still struggling with pains and discomfort, and in many cases, the old crutch hand grip may cause additional problems that may cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrom (wrist and hand pain). I think Ergo Grip is an innovative product that solves this long-standing problem in an efficient way, by changing a standard crutch hand grip to an ergonomic hand grip easily and tool-free so the patients can snap them on the crutch themselves. This is made possible by simply replacing the old standard grip to Ergo Grip to accommodate ergonomics of the human body and provide comfort and prevent stress and pressure on palm and wrist areas.

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