Smart Swab Ear Cleaner

Smart Swab ® | Smart Spiral Ear Cleaner

Keeping our ears clean is very important. It enhances our hearing power and helps us in communication. Cleaning the ear can be risky if we do not know which ear cleaner to use. One needs a Smart Spiral Ear Cleaner to clean his or her ears effectively. There are different ear cleaners available in the market. Earbuds and Q-tip are some of the most popular ear wax cleaners. But they can be actually harmful to our ears. These ear cleaners can actually push the ear wax further into the ear canal and thus block the canal with wax. As a result, our hearing capability decreases. Q-tip ear cleaner can accidentally damage our eardrums which can even cause complete deafness. That is why Smart Swab Ear Cleaner is recommended for s safe ear cleaning. It is manufactured by ND Products, one of the most trusted brands that produce different healthcare products.

ND Products offers us quality products that enhance our lifestyle and keep us healthy. Top-quality products and best customer service are our two key features. Because of our effective products, we have gained a great reputation in the market over past years.

Smart Swab Ear Cleaner has a spiral tip that is replaceable. You get 16 extra tips for future use. To clean your ear wax, you have to put the Smart Spiral Ear Cleaner in your ear and twist it. It will catch all the ear wax and you can simply drag it out. You can use our Smart Swab Ear Cleaner twice a week.

Smart Spiral Ear Cleaner comes with a swab handle, replaceable tips (16), and a reusable box. It also has a wide stopper that prevents you to go deeper into your ear canal which may harm your eardrums. So, use this product and maintain a hygienic ear.

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