What our customers say


” I am a crutch user and was looking for crutch accessories to make my crutches more comfortable. I tried Ergo Grip and I think it is much more comfortable than standard crutch hand grip as it seems to prevent aggravation with excessive pressure on my wrist while bearing my weight over my hands on the crutch hand grip for walking. I feel that the combination of the wider ergonomic palm rest of Ergo Grip and the thumb rest helped me to distribute my weight on my hand more evenly and balanced with great sturdy grip. It takes more weights off the wrist so I think It also prevents overworking wrists and hands that may cause other pains while using crutches. I recommend it to anyone uses crutches. 

Rachael P.

Ergo Grip is a high quality orthotic and great alternative to the standard crutch hand grip. It helps with prevention of hand/wrist/finger strains by providing ergonomic supports filling the palmar arch while maintaining natural posture. It may prevent nerve strains and pains involve with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and similar complications normally caused by strains and pressures in hand and wrist area that commonly seen with usage of standard/none ergonomic grips that come with crutches. Ergo Grip make it easy to replace the standard crutch hand grip to an ergonomic grip providing better posture, weight balance and comfort.

Dr. S. Shahverdi: Doctor of Chiropractic

 Hi, I have been born with Polio and use crutches to get around on daily basis. A friend of mine suggested to try Ergo Grip on my crutches and see if it can help with my wrist pain and deformation of my hands and fingers since I have to bear most of my weight on the tiny and uncomfortable standard crutch hand grip for walking. So I got a pair of Ergo Grip to put on my crutches to check it out. I think the posture of my arms and hands are much better now and I definitely feel less pressure on my wrists and I don’t need the tight squeeze of my fingers on the grip any more as there is less effort to get a secure grip while using Ergo Grip on my crutches. It turned out to be the most helpful crutch accessories I ever bought for my crutch comfort. I also like the additional brackets giving more secure grip as it doesn’t let the grip to roll over. Ergo Grip is definitely an upgrade to standard crutch hand grip and they have been very helpful with reducing my wrist pain and strains. Thank you! 

Fati Arian