Clean, Protect, and Massage your Ears without
harmful cotton swabs or rigid tools

Our original quality Smart Swab is effective, protective and easy to use patented method for ear cleaning

Winner of Inpex USA international invention competition

The world's first replaceable soft spiral tips
for safer and easier personal ear cleaning

The only original quality on the market
and US registered brands

USA Patented products and trademarked brands
Designed by American inventors

Soft spiral tips with
safety feature

Soft and flexible spiral tip clean and
massage without harming the ear canal

Your one and only
Smart Swab®

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  • 16 Replaceable tips
  • Patented and registered brand

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Safe ear wax removal

Give the gift of quality hearing and comfortable ears to yourself and loved ones. Prevent ear clogs and disturbing feels. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Latest reviews

My wife and I both had a great experience with Smart Swab as it is safely stopping before letting us reach the eardrum and also getting the job done quickly.
Russel Farah
Rated 5 out of 5
For years I've been trying liquid solutions, laying on the bed upside down. This Smart Swab removed it within seconds. It's safe, soft & painless. Great idea that works.
Steve Morgan
Rated 4.5 out of 5
Awesome replacement for Q-tips. It really gets the ear wax out and it prevents you from sticking it all the way in your ear. I love it!
Rodney W.
Rated 5 out of 5

*Our original quality Smart Swabs are on high demand and due to limited supply availability on the holiday season, our sales is based on supply availability.

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