85% of people report feeling pain in their hands and wrists when using standard underarm crutchhand grip

Whether you rely on crutches long-term, or you use them during recovery – mobility should not be painful.

Ergo Grip™ is a genuine orthotic crutch hand grip in which was designed to accommodate the natural position of the hand and provide optimal weight support without the excessive unnatural pressure on the joints seen with traditional crutch grips.Ergo Grip provides great crutch comfortwithout the need of buying expensive ergonomic crutches. It turns your basic standard crutches to ergonomic crutches and offer the best support and crutch comfort incrutch accessories.

Ergo Grip
crutch hand grips
ergonomic crutch grip

Features :

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Tripled Hand Support
  • Angled Axis
  • Stabilizing Brackets
  • Thumb Support
  • Superior Comfort
  • Easy Outward Grip
  • Nonskid surface
  • Soft Feel
  • Tool Free Installation

Available Colors:     


The 10 Benefits of Ergo Grip™

1. Patented Technology Provides Outward and Angled Ergonomic Support System, Promoting Natural Positioning for Ultimate Crutch Comfort. Ergo Grips are ergonomically designed to fit the right and left hand specifically.

2. Three times wider support comparing standard crutch hand grip. It is designed to alleviate excessive pressure on wrist, hand and fingers, to avoid making these areas over worked in which may cause more complication and discomfort.

3.  Help with downward angle of the grip front to provide a comfortable position.

4.  The brackets hold and maintain the grip position securely and prevent it from moving or rolling around.

5. A designated area for thumb rest prevents thumb from hanging loose, instead increases the overall stability with thumb support.

6. Fills the palm of the hand while distributes weight on hand more evenly. Reduces excessive pressure off wrist, hand and fingers to provide utmost comfort.

7. Novel core and bracket system made an outward grip design possible. our patented technology helps to reduce the unnecessary sharp angle between wrist and hand, usually seen with standard crutch hand grip.

8. The micro texture help better grip to keep hand from slipping.

9. The over mold material is a soft TPE to fill the palmar arch and fingers and to provide crutch comfort.

10. It is specifically designed to quickly replace the standard crutch hand grip with No tools necessary and easy installation in crutch accessories. Simply put the same rod and butterfly nut of your crutch hand grip you are replacing into the Ergo Grip™ in little to no time. It is that easy!