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Smart Swab®

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Smart Swab® | Safe Ear Cleaner

Our original Spiral ear cleaner Smart Swab® is a patented innovation and registered brand offering the best way to clean ears while reducing hazards and problems normally caused by traditional Q-tip and other small tipped and rigid tools that can go too far into the ear canal. Smart Swab fulfills the need with the lack of safe ear cleaner sales on the market

You simply place the soft spiral tip in your ear, twist and done with your ear wax removal!

Conical shape of the tips with wide stopper base are designed to provide the best spiral ear cleaner that discourage users from going too far into the ear canal.
A simple twist of Smart Swab safe ear cleaner latches onto the ear wax and extract it quickly and easily.

Smart Swab ear cleaner sales include; 

  • 1 Smart Swab handle
  • 16 Replaceable tips
  • 1 Quality reusable box
Ergo Grip™ | Comfortable Crutch Hand Grips

Our patented ergonomic crutch grips are specifically designed to fit the natural position of each hand. They provide 3 times more support and stability along with many other features that turn standard underarm crutches to the most comfortable crutches instantly!

Ergo Grip™ is a genuine and comfortable crutch hand grip that provide optimal weight support without the excessive unnatural pressure and strain on the joints seen with standard crutches. If you ever wondered how to make crutches comfortable, just replace your existing crutch grips to Ergo Grips quickly and without the need of any tool and enjoy this comfortable crutch accessories to get around easily and safely.

Healthier, More Comfortable, and More Cost-Effective Solution!

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    This little tool is quite impressive!! I have never been one to use cotton swabs knowing that cotton swabs can actually compact earwax deeper instead of removing it, but I was intrigued by Smart Swab. I followed the directions as indicated on the package and was quite impressed by the ease of the Smart Swab and surprised at how gentle and effective it was. I have sensitive ears and i was a bit hesitant to try it, but I felt no discomfort. The tips are spiral in shape and soft and flexible. What I also like is that this kit comes in a convenient storage case with 16 disposable tips and keeps everything sanitary and portable.This patented ear cleaner is the real deal!
    Tina Joly

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