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Ergo Grip® | Comfortable Crutch Hand Grips

  • Ergo Grip is the Best Crutch Handle
  • Comfortable, Long-Lasting & Ergonomic
  • Get the Support & Stability You Need While You Heal


GTIN: 00860001699708

Why Ergo Grip is the Best Crutch Handle


One look at Ergo Grip’s unique design and you can tell that it’s different than standard crutch grips. These products are designed for optimum ergonomics that match the natural grip of the hand instead of forcing you into awkward grip positions. A special groove allows the thumb to rest while the fingers can easily hold onto the grip strain-free.


No matter how long you have to stay on crutches, Ergo Grip will provide you with support and comfort the whole time. It’s designed with highly durable material that’s designed to last through frequent use without deteriorating in quality.


Walking around on crutches is already a hassle. You don’t want bad grips that will make it even more uncomfortable. Ergo Grip crutch handles are padded and easy on your hands, making it possible to move around for longer periods of time.


You shouldn’t have to pay ridiculously high fees for things you need. That’s why we’ve designed our crutch handles to be as cost-effective as possible. This way, anyone who needs them can easily afford them. We beat all of the competitors’ pricing while achieving a higher level of quality and durability.

Get the Support and Stability You Need While You Heal

Rethinking Crutch Grip Support

For too long, crutch grips have remained unchanged and static. The standard design is uncomfortable, weak, and unnatural-feeling. Forget everything you know about what a crutch grip is supposed to look or feel like. Ergo Grip is a specially designed handle that provides optimal weight support and unparalleled comfort to help aid the healing process while making it easier for you to move around.


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