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Ear-O-Care® | Innovative 4 in 1 Ear Wax Removal Care Kit

  • Dual action Spiral Scoop Tip Design
  • Safe & Pain Free Earwax Removal
  • Simple & Easy to Use Tool
  • Maintenance Free Disposable Tips
  • All in one portable compact kit
  • Patented Safety Stop feature
  • 1 Compact Self-Storing Handle
  • 2 Cartridges and protective cap 
  • 10 Replaceable tips


GTIN: 860010476499

Why Use Ear-O-Care?

Ear-O-Care offers a dual action soft exfoliating scoop tip and spiral grooves, ensuring gentle and effective extraction of earwax.

Unlike traditional methods like cotton swabs or ear picks, Ear-O-Care’s design minimizes the risk of over-insertion with its wide flared base and patented safety stop feature, prioritizing your safety and preventing potential injuries.

The compact and portable self-storing handle, along with the protective cap and flip cartridges, make it convenient to carry and keep all parts clean. With simple directions to twist in the direction of the arrow, Ear-O-Care is easy to use, allowing you to clean your ears once or twice a week as needed.

Using the Best Earwax Removal Tool at Home

Ironically, the most common causes of earwax buildup are actually improper tools people use to clean their ears. Q-tips, bobby pins, and rolled-up tissues just push the earwax towards the inner ear, leading to hearing issues, potential infections, possible damage, and other avoidable issues.

If you have to use hearing aids or earplugs, or earbuds to listen to music, also be at an increased risk of experiencing earwax blockage. Ear-O-Care is the best earwax removal tool because it actually removes wax and debris from your ear instead of pushing it deeper. It’s also safer and easier than alternative options.

The Ear-O-Care Difference

Ear-O-Care is the most effective and safe earwax removal tool kit available. Here are just a few ways it stands out from other cleaning tools.


Cleaning your ear doesn’t have to be painful! With the Ear-O-Care’s soft silicone design, getting rid of your earwax will feel more like a short massage.


Looking for an all in one safe and easy ear wax removal kit? You’ve found it! This tool’s safety stopper at it’s tip base specifically designed to make it easy to use while protecting the inside of your ears.

Patented Design

You won’t be able to find an ear cleaning device that’s easier or safer to use than our spiral design with built in spiral scoop. That’s because the Ear-O-Care product is patented by American designers with your comfort and safety in mind, and we are the only place that sells it.


Earwax travels with you everywhere so your best ear wax removal tool should too! Ear-O-Care is easy to pack away in your compact and portable self storing handle with protective cap and 2 flip cartridges keep parts clean and easy to store or take with on the go for quick and safe ear wax removal.


Most patented ear wax removal kits and doctor visits for proper cleaning cost too much for people to even consider. But not Ear-O-Care! With 10 replaceable and recyclable tips, you’ll have everything you need for months of use after a single purchase.

How to Use Ear-O-Care Effectively

Not sure how to use an ear wax removal kit correctly? Ear-O-Care makes it easy! All you have to do is take the Ear-O-Care best ear wax removal tool and start turning it clockwise (the direction of the arrow on the handle as you place it in your ear). When you feel like all of the ear wax is latched under the spiral fins, slowly remove the ear cleaner device. That’s all there is to it!

If you’ve wondered “are spiral ear wax removers safe?”, the answer is YES when you use Ear-O-Care.

Warning: do not use if you have an injury any medical condition in your ear. Discontinue use if you experience discomfort using this product. Twist only in the direction of the arrow while gently inserting in the tip.

Tired of Googling “best ear wax remover”? It’s time to put the power of ear cleaning products in your hands. Buy our all in one spiral ear wax removal tool today for the easiest and safest ear cleanings you’ve ever had.


Package Include
Reusable plastic handle 1
Disposable silicone tips 10
Storage case 1


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