How To Clean Ears Safely And Maintain Your Hearing

Hearing is an important sense in our bodies. Our vital activity in life such as communication with everyone and the power of listening and learning is just a few important reasons why we should care for our ears and the precious sense of hearing that connects us to the world.

The most common reason for reduced hearing is ear wax blockage, which is commonly caused by putting a Q-tip (the #1 cause of ear clogs) or other improper tools into the ear that pushes ear wax deeper and causes ear wax clogs (ear wax impaction).

Best way to clean ears safely

  1. Use a safe spiral ear cleaner. They clean ear wax out instead of pushing it in.
  2. Never go too far into the ear. This can hurt your vulnerable eardrum and cause complete hearing loss. Instead, you may use an original spiral ear swab that has a wide tip base working as a stopper to prevent you from going too deep and puncturing your eardrum.
I was starting to get blood blisters from walking on crutches- these handles made it way easier on my hands!
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My son has been having some irritation with earwax, however I will not let him insert a traditional cotton swab into his ear because I know he could damage his ear, but this tool is the perfect alternative! He can
Victoria Warren
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By using the original spiral ear cleaner the Smart Swab® you can have both a safe ear cleaner and the best method for ear wax removal.

The spiral ear wax removal kit comes with 16 replaceable tips. It is best to allow the natural production of ear wax and only clean ears once or twice a week and avoid putting anything else in your ear in between the usage of Smart Swab ear wax cleaner.

best way to clean ears safely